Today is the launch of a whole new eBay Partner Network. If you’re reading this article, you probably already noticed one of the new changes, which is our new website. While the new website is a definite upgrade from our previous version, it’s not even close to the most exciting things happening at the eBay Partner Network today.


We also launched a new administration portal (which you can read about in a separate article), and revised partner platform.


The platform changes were guided by feedback from partners like you. Our goal was to build a path toward better partnerships by providing you with a more modern, simplified experience for mutual, long-term success.


Rate Card Updates

The biggest change to the program is our new rate card, which is now in effect. Our previous rate card rewarded partners with a percent of the revenue eBay earned from any qualifying transactions. So, for example, if eBay generated $8 in revenue from selling a collectible, partners would earn 50% of that amount, or $4.


The new model is based on percent of sale both by region and by sub-category. So, for collectibles, partners can earn 1%, 3%, or 4% of the purchase price for that item, depending on the subcategory in which the item resides. This empowers partners to focus their primary efforts on where they can earn the most commission.


The goal of this change is to give you more consistent, predictable earnings. It will also give us more flexibility to reward specific behaviors at the sub-category level that we do not have today, to align with our strategic priorities. 


The other change related to the rate card is that we have removed the bonus paid for partners who attracted new or reactivated buyers (NoRB) to return to eBay. Instead, we will shift toward issuing strategic bonuses selectively to partners that demonstrate an ability to consistently acquire high-quality buyers for eBay.


Payment Changes

Partners will now be paid on the 10th of each month for your activity from two calendar months ago. So, for your November earnings, you will be paid on January 10; and then on February 10 for your December earnings, and so on.


There will be a one-time payment delay this month as we get everyone onto this new schedule, so we both apologize for your frustration and  appreciate your patience. This change will enable us to include any returns and adjustments before you get paid, which will reduce the confusion of it being reduced in later months and, ultimately, give you more predictable payments.


As part of the payment options on our new portal, we are able to offer direct deposit to more countries and the option to be paid in more currencies.



Cross-Device Tracking

We are also expanding attribution capabilities by introducing cross-device tracking. So, if your customer clicks on an affiliate link on a tablet and finishes that qualifying transaction on a laptop, you will now receive credit for that purchase. 


The More Things Change...

Not everything is changing, though. Key parts of our program are staying the same, including:

  • Tools functionality - Most of the tools you use today will still be in the new portal.
  • Cookie window – This will remain at 24 hours, and we will continue to use last-click attribution logic
  • Existing links – These will not need to be updated at this time.
  • Not all items are commissionable – We’re still not paying partners for eBay gift cards, charity items, and some deals, just like today.


Website update

To give you a quick rundown on the changes to the website, the main purpose was to raise the visibility of the content that can help partners thrive with our program.


One of the most-trafficked areas on the previous website was the Partner Success Portal, which included links to Deals, Promotions, as well as ways for developers to more tightly integrate with eBay through APIs, and Adobe DMP. Now all of those areas are easier to find throughout the Solutions pages.


We are also trying to organize the site more cleanly by putting high-level content on the website, whereas all of the Quick Start Guides, resources, and help content will be spread between our Help Center and in-portal messaging.