Some business and promotion methods require advance approval

The following promotional methods are subject to EPN’s prior written approval, as described in our Network Agreement. You must provide EPN complete and accurate information about your Promotional Methods during your participation in the Network. Please click on the method below to reach the appropriate form that needs to be completed and note that a form must be completed for each promotional method you use.


Messaging: Email, IM, Chat, Text 

Promoting eBay through Email/IM/Chat/Text or other electronic communications.


Loyalty / Incentive Programs 

Directly or indirectly offering any reward or incentive (including vouchers or coupons) for any transactions by an end user that qualifies you to receive compensation.


Software: Applications and Downloadable Tools

Promoting eBay through any application or tool that requires the user installation (for example but not limited to software, extensions and plugins).


Mobile Apps

Promoting eBay through mobile apps.


Sub-Affiliate Networks

Promoting through agents such as sub-affiliates, sub-publishers, distribution partners or other similar third-party relationships. 


PLA / Paid Traffic

Promoting eBay through PLA / Paid Traffic Sources requires approval.